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What are the Different Types of Entrance Gates?

Here in the UK, it’s not uncommon to walk down the road to see a multitude of houses built in different eras, with distinctive architectural styles – not to mention unique finishing touches applied by the homeowners themselves. This is especially the case in many historic market towns and villages, and if you’re looking to make a positive impression, the best starting point is probably your home’s entrance. From adding security lighting to a porch, a pretty driveway, lavish lawn, archway or gates, there are plenty of exterior design elements well worth considering. In this article, we’re going to be focusing on entrance gates in particular and running through all of the main types.


Estate Gates

When most people hear the phrase ‘estate’, they perhaps picture a lavish property in the countryside that’s as big as it is beautiful. But what we’re referring to here is essentially a set of tall gates to enclose the front of your property. There are many different styles and materials to consider, however, metal Estate gates constructed of steel or wrought iron are incredibly popular. With this type of gate, you’re not just guaranteed a certain amount of charm and style, but superb strength, security and durability. We have many wrought iron style metal estate gates for sale, including our Saxon design which features a timeless arch top rail, a double row of fleur de lys finials, and dog bars in the lower section. This gate has been thoughtfully designed with reduced spacing, making it a practical option if you need to keep your small pets safe on the driveway.


Driveway Gates

The shift from ‘estate gates’ to ‘driveway gates’ is probably not quite as drastic as you’d expect. With driveway gates, they are typically smaller because they’re designed to provide the perfect blend of style, security and strength for a house of average size. Driveways are a common sight on residential streets in the UK, and it’s fair to say one of the biggest improvements that can be made is adding a set of driveway gates. Not only do they help keep burglars at bay and opportunistic thieves, but they also stop cars turning into your driveway and give you some extra privacy from the main road.


Pedestrian Gates

Not every home has a driveway, but every home has some kind of entrance. For some terraced houses and cottages, a pedestrian gate is the focal point at the front of the home, and in this sense, it is an entrance gate. At Metal Gates Direct, we have over 50 designs to choose from, including the stunning Abbey Low Bow Wrought Iron Style Metal Garden Gate. This design features a quintessentially British – and sightly gothic – arch that adds a touch of elegance to any entrance. It’s also worth keeping in mind that you can pair driveway or estate gates with pedestrian gates, and that’s when it becomes even more important to define the style that’s right for your home. This can prove to be a winner when you have automated gates or those controlled by a fob because if the gates ever stop functioning properly, you’ll always have another entrance to be able to access your property easy enough.

At Metal Gates Direct, we stock an extensive collection of metal entrance gates for properties of all eras, architectural styles and locations. Whether you’re based in the heart of a city centre, on the edge of town or deep in the countryside, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect entrance gate on our website.

We can also produce made-to-measure gates, which are completely tailored to your needs. If this is something you are looking for, then please do get in touch with us and be sure to send over your measurements. We'd be happy to send you a quote. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0844 804 5577.

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