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Problems and Solutions

Here at Metal Gates Direct, we take pride in finding solutions for your problem installations. If you feel you would benefit from our many years of experience, fill in the online form, and we will send you an easy-to-understand reply. 

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  • Problem: I can't find a size and design combination to suit the opening!


    If the size options shown within our online shop are not suitable for your requirements, there are several solutions available. The first option is to reduce the existing gap size using timber posts or packer pieces secured to the brickwork using suitable screws. Once painted out to the same colour as the gate, professional results are easily achievable for little extra cost and work. The second option is to order metal posts to reduce the opening size down to the required width; however, in many instances, this may not be possible due to us having set-size post options. The last option is to take advantage of our made-to-measure service, where we will build the gate to your exact requirements.

    Read the Measuring Guide for Help with Sizes

  • Problem: I have small children and pets and am therefore concerned about safety!


    Safety is often of concern to homeowners with toddlers, small children and animals. We understand this issue and, as a result, offer a number of suitable metal gate designs for use in these instances that do not have sharp edges, pointed finials or small gaps where fingers can become trapped.

    Take a look at the following popular options to see if these are available in a size and design configuration to meet your needs.

    If these are not suitable, you can always ask us to modify another design for a little extra cost or take a look at this page detailing how to choose a child & pet-friendly gate for more guidance.

    Hoop top metal gates for the garden are designed with safety of the user in mind
  • Problem: The entrance of the driveway slopes upwards towards the house!


    In these situations, there are a couple of options available to you. The first (and least advisable) is to reverse the configuration of the gates so they open outwards rather than inwards. Please note we would not recommend this if the gates swing across the pavement or road as this would pose a danger to members of the public, but if the entrance of your driveway is set back enough from the road, this solution may work well for you. The second solution is to choose bi-folding gates as these do not have as large a swinging radius as a standard set of 50/50 split drive gates.

    Marlborough Wrought Iron Style Bi Folding Metal Driveway Gates
  • Problem: The existing wall height is not sufficient to allow a fixing point for the gate hinges!


    To overcome this problem, you will need to extend the wall to the required height (which is probably not feasible) or secure timber posts to the lower portion of the wall and have the post extending above it (again, not always suitable for the taller gate). Lastly (and in our opinion, the best solution), you will need to install metal posts set into the ground in concrete.

    Contact Us for Techincal Advice
  • Problem: I want to be able to secure the gate using a key rather than relying on a padlock!


    To add convenience to the occupants of the property, it is possible to overcome this problem by requesting a lock be fitted to the gates to keep it securely closed when access is not required. 

    A metal gate fitted with a key operated lock is secure and convenient to use