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Metal gates are an attractive addition to any home, providing privacy, security and safety. That said, it's essential to take good care of your gates because a poorly maintained gate can spark more costly issues and security vulnerabilities. Whether you're considering buying metal gates for the first time or want to improve the look of your existing gates, we've added some important tips to help you maintain them and keep them looking their best.

Aluminium provides a rare combination of valuable properties. It is one of the lightest metals in the world, pairing corrosion resistance with superb strength. Therefore, aluminium gates have many unique qualities that appeal to homeowners and businesses. 

Iron gates are strong and durable, with excellent resistance to dents, bending and shock damage. That said, wrought iron contains many carbon atoms, and when these atoms encounter moisture, dirt or grime, rust can quickly form.

A new driveaway gate can help you improve privacy, security, and safety; however, another essential consideration is style... but how do you know which one is right for you? 

If your home benefits from metal fencing around the perimeter then it is important that it is maintained in the correct manner to ensure it remains in tip top condition. This blog post details the process.

If you are wanting to buy a new metal gate for your property and can`t understand why they vary so much in price, then the following information is designed to help you get a better understanding of the reason for this.

If you are considering installing new metal gates, railings or fence panels and do not have a suitable supporting structure to mount the fittings onto then you will need to purchase metal posts to complete the installation. However, when making your choice it is important to understand the different options including the size required, fixing method and post design. Here we detail the main points to consider.

The majority of gates are the UK are made from steel or wrought iron because they deliver excellent strength, durability and style. The main difference between these two metals is that wrought iron is composed entirely of iron, whereas steel contains an alloy of iron and carbon. The carbon content makes steel gates stronger than wrought iron, withstanding the elements and resisting damage. That said, wrought iron is durable, malleable, corrosion-resistant and easier to weld, so it naturally provides exciting opportunities for intricate or artistic gate designs.

Driveway gates can add security, privacy, elegance and beauty to the exterior of your home, as well as heaps of character and value. Depending on the materials used and how the gate is constructed, you can rely on a driveway gate for many years to come with minimal maintenance required.

For many properties in the UK, the driveway is not only a place for parking a vehicle; it's the main entrance, having a significant impact on the overall look of your property. If you want to make the best first impression on guests, add value to your home and elevate security, a driveway gate can be a wise investment.

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