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Here at Metal Gates Direct, we are often asked - what is the standard thickness for a gate? When it comes to choosing a new gate for your property, one of the key considerations is most certainly the thickness of it. The thickness impacts the strength, durability and security of the gate, so it's important to understand the standards.

single and double gate designs

The choice between the two generally depends on several factors, including property layout, available space, budget, and personal preferences; however, to help you make an informed purchasing decision, we'll outline the main differences between the two gate types and their pros and cons

When dreaming up your next big home improvement project, the simplest of jobs becomes more complex and possibly more daunting when you hear the words ‘council’ or ‘planning’. From building a summerhouse to installing a gate, extending your kitchen or installing a new fence, there are always going to be rules and regulations to consider

Saxon metal fence panels

We’re all looking at ways to improve our gardens, whether that’s inviting more wildlife to your garden, making it more child-friendly or creating stunning seating areas for bliss evenings of entertainment. Every improvement is a job worth doing, but one of the most crucial aspects is creating the privacy and security you need in the first place, which necessitates the best quality fencing.


If you’ve just invested in new metal fences and now have the posts ready to complete the job, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is, “how deep do metal fence posts need to be buried?”

Aluminium may be softer than steel and wrought iron, however, it does deliver a multitude of impressive qualities, such as corrosion resistance, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity, and a low weight-to-strength ratio.

Wrought iron style estate gates adding security to a courtyard entrance

A stylish gate can bring beauty, privacy and character to your home whilst elevating its overall value. That said, the most crucial aspect for many homeowners is security. The design and material you choose will depend on your needs, priorities and budget, however, certain types of gates are recognised for being secure, robust and durable.

Leaning gate post

Have you noticed one of your metal gate posts beginning to lean to one side? Do not worry, it’s a common problem that can be easily rectified when addressed quickly.

So how do you go about doing so without causing any further damage? With the right approach and some simple tools, you can support your gate post and have it looking its best in no time.

Wooden fence panels creating a boundary in the garden

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and don’t know who is responsible for maintaining your garden fencing or have just seen some of your fence panels taken down by high winds, it’s essential to keep a cool head and start taking proactive measures to prevent a dispute from taking place.

Winchester metal fence panels

Robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing, metal fence panels are an excellent choice for any property. But how do they last so long? This article looks at the main reasons.

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