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Ordering Guide & Information

Ordering Guide & Information

Ordering online from Metal Gates Direct is fast and easy if you follow the intuitive navigation links on the left and right-hand side of the website and familiarize yourself with all aspects of the product you wish to purchase (paying particular attention to ordering sizes).

When deciding what to order, please understand the points detailed below to avoid any disappointment when the item is delivered.

Ordering Sizes and Measuring the Opening

Width - The sizes shown on this website refer to the width of the opening into which the gates, railings or fence panels will fit. This means we have already made the required allowances for hinges, latches and fixings. For more information on this topic, refer to the measuring guide or contact us to clarify any point you may be uncertain of.

Physical Height - Unless stated otherwise, all products listed for sale on this website are referred to by the physical height of the product. This means that no allowance has been made for ground clearance.

Height (once installed) – Products listed in this manner refer to the height once installed with a 50mm gap at the bottom for ground clearance. Please note measurements are at the top of the framework. Any finials or scrolls above this point are not included within this dimension.

Measuring Guide

Hinges, Latches and Fittings

Except for the Verona, Henley, Weston and Warwick designs (which must be purchased separately), all other items available to buy online within this website are supplied with the relevant hinges, latches, drop bolt (screws to attach fittings to your supports are not included).

Please note the type of hinge supplied will vary according to the gate design you choose (some are fixed, some are adjustable). In the case of drop bolts, smaller double gates are supplied with 1 x drop bolt and larger gates are supplied with 2 x drop bolts as standard.

Gate Latching

Single Gates - Unless stated otherwise, all single metal gates can be fitted left or right-hand hanging as they are supplied with the benefit of a universal latch fitting. Gates with this style of latch can also be installed inward or outward opening (as viewed from the roadside). In comparison, any design with a sliding latch can only be fitted one way around (as standard). This means that if the item is listed as a right-hand hanging, it can only be fitted with the hinges on the right and must open inwards towards the property.

Any customer wishing to order a gate with a non-standard hanging or latching configuration must contact us before ordering, as we cannot be responsible for any errors on your part when ordering incorrectly.

Driveway Gates – All doubles are supplied with the latch fitting on the right-hand gate leaf (as viewed from the road).


All gates are sold with a latch fitting that can be secured using a padlock. If you prefer to secure the gate using a key-operated lock, we can upgrade your order to include this. Please get in touch with us before ordering to obtain a quote if you are interested in this option.

Metal Posts

When installing metal posts, you must consider the space they will require. If unsure as to the size of posts required, please contact us for assistance. Screws or bolts are not included when purchasing posts.

Made to Measure Sizes

Although we offer a large selection of standard-sized products, should you not see a size suitable for your requirements, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss made-to-measure sizes.

Paint Finishes

Unless stated otherwise within the product description, all standard-size products sold on this website have a black primer coat as standard. This means they must be finished with at least two coats of exterior grade paint before the metal is exposed to the elements. If you would prefer to order factory-painted gates, fence panels or railings, refer to our page on paint finishes or contact us for further details.