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Metal Driveway Gates

Double Metal Driveway Gates for Sale in a Range of Designs

Are you looking to buy double metal gates for your driveway from a reputable retailer at a price you can afford? If so here at Metal Gates Direct we have hundreds of size and design combinations for sale at some of the most competitive prices in the UK.

Available to order online using our easy to navigate website our selection of high quality gate designs are suitable for all residential applications where there is a requirement to provide privacy and security without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Therefore whatever your tastes might be, why not take a look at the choice of popular designs we have available online to see what we can offer you or contact us now to find out more about our bespoke design service and made to measure sizes if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for.

Metal Driveway Gates for sale

Why Choose our Metal Drive Gates for your Property?

Constructed with a fine attention to detail by a team of skilled craftsmen our range of driveway gates are strong, robust and come in a wide selection of modern, traditional and ornate wrought iron designs ensuring we have an option to suit any style of residential architecture. In fact, whether you live in a new build home on a modern estate, have a country cottage that oozes charm and character or own a Victorian townhouse in the middle of a city we are guaranteed to have a suitable option for your driveway at a price you can afford.

Furthermore, with a solid steel construction and some imposing decorative elements incorporated into many of the designs your homes main vehicle entrance can benefit from improved security without having to compromise of practicality and aesthetic appeal.


Our Low Maintenance Factory Finished Double Gates are Excellent Value for Money

To keep our prices as competitive as possible all the double metal driveway gates for sale within our online store are supplied with one coat of black primer. This means you will need to apply at least 2 coats of exterior grade paint to all the surfaces of each gate in order to provide an effective level of protection against water ingress and rust.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a set of entrance gates for your driveway with a factory painted finish why not enquire about zinc plated and powder coated option? Featuring an electro galvanised steel construction and a hardwearing powder coated paint finish the gates are well protected against rust, do not need to be painted before installation and will ultimately save you time fitting them and reduce the maintenance required to keep them looking their best.

With this in mind if you would like to find out more about this increasingly popular option please get in touch with us today using the contact form.


Do you require Help & Guidance Choosing Wrought Iron Style Metal Driveway Gates?

Whether you are unsure what size to order, need help with posts, or simply don’t know which design to select we are on hand to offer impartial, easy to understand help and advice across our range of products to ensure you find the best solution to suit your requirements in the minimum amount of time.

To take advantage of our years of experience, in depth product knowledge and guidance get in touch with us now and a friendly member of staff will be on hand to answer your questions, provide support and help you through the order process.

Don`t have time to contact us?

If you lead a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to contact us during our normal office hours we have complied lots of useful information online that will answer many common questions and queries. If this applies to you we recommend you view the pages detailed below

Why do our Metal Driveway Gates vary so Much in Price?

Within our large selection of standard designs we have some great value entry level driveway gates starting in price from just £197.00 including VAT through to £1500.00 including VAT for our heavy duty wrought iron designs. Whilst this is a large price difference the main reasons for such a large fluctuation in the price is down to the size of the opening you need to span and the specification of the steel used to make up the gates.

For example our cheap metal gate designs such as the Classic and Regent are manufactured using 10mm infill bars and 20mm x 6mm frames therefore cannot span openings larger the 10ft and do not have the same levels of strength and rigidity as our heavier duty designs such as the Talisman and Ascot which feature 40mm x 30mm hanging styles, 40mm x 10mm closing stiles and 16mm infill bars. As such these designs can span openings up to 16ft (in a standard size) and upto 20ft (in a made to measure size).

Metal Gates Direct – Years of Experience Supplying Property Owners with Quality & Affordable Driveway Gates across the UK

With thousands of size and designs combinations to choose from we are experts in the supply of high quality metal driveway gates to customers throughout the UK. We operate a nationwide delivery service, have a competitive price structure and provide excellent levels of customer service therefore have become established as one of the leading online retailers in the country. As a result our past customers include many satisfied homeowners, contractors, builders, architects, schools and councils.

In fact whether you are a first time buyer in Manchester and need a small set of double gates to secure a single access driveway, a landlord in the Midlands in need of a medium specification gate for a semi detached property you rent or live in the heart of London and need a set of high grade solid steel gates for your high value home we are confident we have the right option for you at a price you will be able to afford.



Our Favourite Driveway Gate Projects

Listed below are a few examples gates we have supplied to customers over the last year. As you can see they have been successfully installed on a DIY basis and thanks to our help and advice have fitted perfectly. 

Case Study 1: Bi-Folding Gates (Aberdeen)

Description: The customer project involved the supply of bespoke bi folding gates and posts to help secure the entrance of a large driveway.

Client Brief: Our customer came to us with a need to secure the entrance to their property but had limited space on the driveway for the gates to swing back onto. A further issue was that when accessing the property, cars have to come in on an angle which makes parking pretty tight on occasion.

Our Solution: After an initial conversation with the customer as to what solution would work best we were provided with a photo of the entrance to get a better understanding of the requirements. On viewing this it was instantly recommended that a set of made to measure bi folding gates would offer security, ease of access and reduce the amount of space required for them to open and close thus keeping parking issues to a minimum. Furthermore, due to the size of the opening we recommended that the gates be upgraded in specification (using box section steel frames) so that they do not sag under their own weight. 

What the customer said: “Thank you for the exceptional value gates you recently supplied. They are fantastic”.



Case Study 2: Hampton Driveway Gates (Essex)

Description: This customer project required made to measure heavy duty driveway gates that would have an imposing appearance to help keep the main vehicle entrance safe from trespassers.

Client Brief: The property owner had a requirement to secure the driveway as they were concerned about who could access the drive without being seen from the house (as it is set back from the entrance). They did not require metal posts to be installed because the brick pillars at each side of the drive were in good order and capable of taking the weight of the gates.

Our Solution: Once measurements of the opening were provided we discussed the options available to the property owner and explained the designs that would work best it was felt Hampton design offered the best all round performance for the available budget. Furthermore, as the customer did not want to paint the gates themselves they were supplied fully finished with zinc plated (electro galvanised) and black powder coated paint allowing for faster installation and an increased lifespan.



Help & Advice Buying Metal Driveway Gates Online

Here at Metal Gates Direct we appreciate that purchasing a new set of gates is not an everyday occurrence for the average homeowner and as such we have tried to provide you with as much information as possible to allow you to get a complete understanding of our range of products.

With this in mind, please refer to the links below for further information. Alternatively if the answers you are looking for are not covered email

Easy DIY Installation

Our metal driveway gates are simple to install and can be mounted to a variety of surfaces including brick, concrete and stone pillars as well as metal or timber posts. For simple installations you will require nothing more than a few basic DIY tools to successfully complete the fitting process which takes around 1 hour.

Please be aware that when choosing to install the gates on a DIY basis, many our designs are very heavy and as such can place strain on the mounting surface. We therefore recommend that if the brickwork is old, crumbly or not vertical you should install metal posts to provide adequate support.

Driveway Constraints

Before you commit to ordering new gates it is recommended that you check to ensure no obstructions will be present that may hinder the correct operation of them. With this in mind consider the following points.

  • Does the driveway slope upwards towards the house?
  • What is the length of driveway in relation to swinging radius?
  • Will adjacent wall stop the gate opening fully?
  • Do you need the gates to swing wider than 90 degrees?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions and you cannot find a workaround solution from the standard products listed online please get in touch as in most cases are able to offer solutions to your installation problems.

Gate Design

Within our wide range of metal gates for the driveway we have lots of different design options for you to choose from however if you are unsure what style will best suit your property refer to your house type detailed below for ideas.

Modern Properties: Many new build properties lack significant architectural features and as a result our most simple designs such as the Manor, Saxon, Marlborough and Verona design will work extremely well.

Period Style Homes: If your home can be traced to a particular architectural period then choosing a set of gates that reflect this time in history is a great way enhancing the look of your home. In terms of our designs we think the Edinburgh, Stirling, Regent and Winchester styles will all look great.


We hope we have provided you with lots of useful insights into our product range, services we have available and things to consider when buying metal driveway gates online. If however you have a query you need answering or need a quote for something not shown in store please get in touch with us using our online enquiry form, or email and one of our friendly sales advisors will be on hand to deal with your questions.

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