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Will Aluminium Rust if it Gets Wet?

Aluminium may be softer than steel and wrought iron, however, it does deliver a multitude of impressive qualities, such as corrosion resistance, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity, and a low weight-to-strength ratio.

At the same time, aluminium can be vulnerable to different forms of corrosion when interacting with certain elements, but does it rust? The short answer is no. That said, when exposed to air, water or soil, the material reacts with oxygen, forming a coat of aluminium oxide. This hardens onto the surface, and unlike rust, it doesn't flake, but it can reduce the ability of aluminium to conduct heat and electricity. If the oxide skin on this metal is scratched, it will reveal the bare metal, however, the metal won't be eroded unless there are chlorides or sulfides present, which can attack the aluminium oxide layer.

Does this mean it's the optimum material for metal aluminium gates?

It's fair to say that aluminium's lightweight, corrosion-resistant nature makes it an excellent choice for metal gates, railings, and fencing. That said, like all high-quality materials used for exterior elements, there are many pros and cons, so the answer depends entirely on your requirements. For example, whilst aluminium can simplify the installation process and hold up well to the elements, wrought iron is considered more durable, whilst its malleability offers homeowners an array of design opportunities. If you'd like to learn more about the pros and cons of each, be sure to take a look at this article.

Ultimately, it's worth considering the expected lifespan and cost when determining whether aluminium is the right metal for your home. With careful cleaning and upkeep, this material can offer a long-lasting solution for gates, railings and fencing that will last many years with minimal maintenance.

Can You Treat Bare Aluminium?

In its pure form, aluminium possesses natural corrosion resistance, forming a thin oxide layer that protects it from rusting. This oxide layer is insufficient for long-term protection, especially in outdoor environments. When used for gates, railings, or fencing, a proper protective coating is essential. Most basic primers and paints are not designed to adhere to aluminium effectively, therefore, using a metal primer formulated explicitly for aluminium surfaces is crucial.

One popular method of protecting aluminium gates is powder coating. In this process, dry powder is applied electrostatically to the gate's surface and then cured under heat, forming a tough and durable finish. The powder coating enhances the gate's aesthetics and provides an additional layer of protection against the elements, including moisture, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.


What Are the Most Popular Aluminium Gates Right Now?

At Metal Gates Direct, our focus is on offering high-quality aluminium gates. We recognise that the industry has seen a rise in demand for aluminium gates, and our collection features many minimal designs with modern powder-coated finishes, particularly in black or anthracite, which has captured the attention of many homeowners and property developers.

Powder-coated aluminium gates not only enhance the overall visual appeal of a property but also offer robust protection against rust and corrosion. The combination of lightweight properties and durability makes powder-coated aluminium gates a preferred choice for those seeking functionality and aesthetics.

In conclusion, aluminium is a versatile metal with numerous qualities that make it highly desirable for various applications. The fact it does not rust, combined with its lightweight and corrosion resistance, makes it an ideal material.

At Metal Gates Direct, we take pride in providing top-quality aluminium gates with powder-coated finishes that offer an attractive appearance and superior protection against the elements. So, if you are looking for gates that are easy to install, maintain, and stand the test of time, aluminium gates might be the perfect choice for your property.

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