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Wrought iron gates have long been praised for creating strong and durable barriers, maximising protection for families, homes and assets. 

It’s the most widely used material for constructing metal gates, but there are some key benefits to keep in mind if you’re considering investing in driveway, estate, or side gates for your home. 


Unrivalled strength

Wrought iron is highly regarded for its strength, and that’s always going to be a crucial consideration when you’re refining your options and making a decision on the gate that’s right for your needs. Metal gates are, therefore, highly resistant to dents, bending and shock damage, so they certainly have the edge over wood and vinyl when it comes to durability. There are still 13th-century wrought iron gates in Westminster Abbey, which were hand-wrought with all of the stunning details carefully added to look as uniform as possible. The fact these gates stand tall today, looking just as good as they did 800 years ago, outlines precisely how strong and durable they are.


Easy to maintain

Installing new gates is not a task any homeowner wants to do every year, so choosing a strong material is essential; however, another big selling point is that metal gates are very easy to maintain. For the most part, metal gates can be easily wiped down. If after several years you start to spot heavier signs of wear, a touch of warm soapy water followed by a rinse and a new coat of paint (if it’s painted) will ensure your metal gates are back to their best. Remember, wrought iron is an alloy, so it’s much more resistant to rust in comparison to regular iron. 


Character, charm and elegance

Metal gates are available in a wide variety of designs, especially wrought iron because it affords a great deal of elasticity. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s entrance with Art Deco detailing, clean contemporary lines or intricate scrollwork, it’s never been easier to find metal gates that match your style preferences and budget. 


Adds value to your home

When top quality workmanship is paired with a professional installation, your metal driveway gates will undoubtedly boost kerb appeal, and as a result, add value to your property. It’s always reassuring for prospective buyers to see good security measures in place, and a metal gate is one of the most effective deterrents to opportunistic criminals.


Increase protection

We’ve touched on this slightly, but it’s perhaps the most important advantage. Metal driveway gates instantly make your property much more difficult for thieves to break into. By securing your boundary, you are able to prevent pets or young children from leaving the garden or accessing the street. You can also stop motorists from using your driveway as a turning space. 

If you’re looking to elevate style, security and privacy with metal driveway gates, we have a huge range of designs available at the most competitive prices. You can place an order quickly and easily online, but should you need any help or assistance, our friendly team can be reached here, or by calling 0844 804 5577.    

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