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Long-Lasting Fence Panels for Home Security

Security and safety are among the considerations you should make when it comes to safeguarding your home and property – i.e., fencing and railings. A good fence can also perform other functions such as giving an aesthetic appeal and privacy as well as acting as a deterrent to potential intruders. In this blog, we will share a few insights on how you can reinforce your house security by using secure durable fence panels.


Choose the Right Material

The material you use for your fencing boards plays a vital role in their security and durability. Although wood fences are preferred because they have the ‘vintage’ look, they may not always be the most secure. This is because wood is prone to weather elements rotting away or being eaten off by insects thus weakening its structure with time.

On the other hand, metal fencing panels provide utmost strength together with longevity. Metal fencing panels made from galvanised steel or aluminium that are robustly crafted, stand up against time and resist forced entry attempts. They also need low maintenance; hence only minimal efforts are required to preserve their originality without affecting their usability.

Consider Panel Height and Design

For security purposes, height matters when choosing fencing panels. A small fence can easily be climbed over while an extra tall one may violate local building codes or appear unwelcoming in some cases. Expect a minimum of 1.8 meters (6 feet) in height for privacy reasons without compromising the beauty of your yard.

Additionally, panel design has an impact on its safety level too. Go for slats or bars separated closely to each other within these fences such that it would be hard for someone else passing through them. The design you choose may also include pointed finials or ones topped with spears which further discourage those intending to break into the area.

Invest in Quality Installation

However tight these boarders might be, care should be taken about their installation method since poor fitting is a big problem. When not properly installed, even the most secure fence panels become weak points that can easily be penetrated by intruders. It is crucial therefore to bring on board professionals in fencing and have your home’s safety taken care of.

Complement with Additional Security Measures

Whilst having a secure fence may be a great starting point for home security, it is even more effective when combined with other measures. Add motion-sensor lighting along your fenced line to brighten up any suspicious activities, hence discouraging would-be thieves. You can also enhance security by installing cameras or an alarm system to provide additional comfort and assurance.

Alternatively, one can decide to automate his gates as part of the fencing arrangement because it offers many benefits. Automated gate systems enable you to control access into your property from afar; thus, only authorised individuals will get in. This is very useful especially for houses with long driveways or those situated near busy roads where some people may try coming into such houses without permission.

Maintain Your Fence Regularly

Frequent care-taking will assist you in maintaining strong fences over time. Keep checking your fence at intervals to spot worn out parts, defects as well as loose sections. Ensure all bolts or screws that have come out are screwed back on tightly while any damaged pieces should be replaced promptly so that its overall structure remains intact in case anything happens again.

If you have chosen iron fence panels, watch out for rusting or corrosion. Although these metals are highly rust-resistant there may still be instances of these problems in severe conditions or when the protective coating is worn away. Address any patches of corrosion quickly to prevent them from spreading and weakening your fence.


A secure and lasting fencing is a wise investment into safety and peace of mind at home. Proper choice of material, considering panel height and design, quality installation as well as additional security measures can all aid in creating a strong barrier that deters intruders.

Metal Gates Direct offers a variety of high-grade metal fence panels designed to provide exceptional security and long life. Our team of professionals will help you select the best options for your home’s needs while overseeing the searching process, so that you benefit from having the most reliable fencing available today.


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