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Metal Posts – Which one to Choose?

If you are considering installing new metal gates, railings or fence panels and do not have a suitable supporting structure to mount the fittings onto then you will need to purchase metal posts to complete the installation. However, when making your choice it is important to understand the different options including the size required, fixing method and post design. Here we detail the main points to consider.

In Ground Posts

This type of metal post is just as the name suggests. A portion of the post will sit below ground level in a hole which will need to be dug. It then needs to be set plumb and level and set in place using concrete.

Wall Mounted Posts

This type of post is ideal for use where the support structure (such as a wall) is not capable of taking the weight of the gate fittings. The posts have lugs attached which allow it to be bolted to the wall which will in turn help to spread the load evenly.

Bolt Down Posts

This type of metal post has a plate mounted onto the bottom which allows it to be bolted onto existing hard surfaces such as paving or concrete. A bolt down post is not suitable for use with our gates as they are not strong enough and for this reason, they are only recommended for use with metal fence panels or metal railings.


We offer several types of metal posts in a variety of widths. As a guide they are 50mm x 50mm, 70mm x 70mm, 80mm x 80mm, 100mm x 100mm or 150mm x 150mm. The size required will be dictated by the span of the opening and the weight of the gate or fence design you select.


We offer metal post to suit many applications and have detailed the key difference below.

  • Universal Post – These are a blank post without any fitting pre attached and no existing screw holes. They are perfect for a variety of applications as it allows for lots of flexibility during installation. To mount the fittings, pilot holes need to be drilled and the fittings are attached with self-tapping screws.
  • Hinge Post – This type of post is specifically designed to hang the gates off. Metal lugs are pre welded to the gate in the correct position to accept the hinges. Whilst these do not offer as much flexibility in installation as a universal type, they are better suited to heavier duty gates.
  • Latch Post – These are designed to accept the latch on the gate. They have a receiver plate welded to the post in the correct position to match that of the gate. The drawback to these is that the correct type must be selected to be compatible with a specific gate. Failure to choose the right one will lead to problems with installation.


Metal post are normally available in 2 designs. The first is the flat top option. The end is cut square and has a plastic cap slotted into the top to prevent rainwater running inside and to give a neat finish. The second option is the ball top design which provides a decorative detail to the top.


Posts are available in a choice of black primer (undercoat) and will need to be painted prior to installation to prevent rust or a low maintenance zinc plated, and black powder coated finish. The first option is more cost effective, but time is required to paint them. In comparison, the second option is more expensive, but installation time and ongoing maintenance is reduced.

Here at Metal Gates Direct we have a range of metal post for sale that are compatible with our full range of products. To choose the correct type, simply select from the drop-down menu (detailed options and accessories) on a specific product page. Alternatively, if you need more assistance, please feel free to email and will be on hand to offer advice.

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