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Would your home benefit from additional security? If the answer is yes then one of the most effective ways of helping to deter trespassers and criminals is to install a set of driveway gates. However when deciding on the best solution to meet your requirements there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account in order to select the best gates to suit your property.

Here we take a look in more detail starting with configuration of the opening at present as this will provide a good base from which to begin.

Example of Metal Driveway Gates Fitted to Posts

Opening Configuration

This will play a major part in selecting which driveway gates are going to be most suitable to meet your requirements. Consider the following points

  • What is in situ to hang the gates from?
  • Is the existing structure suitable for adding more weight onto?
  • What obstacles may get in the way of the opening and closing of the gates?
  • How far back from the road is the opening set?

Existing Pillars

Where the entrance of the driveway already has existing brick pillars in place it is essential they are checked for strength and stability prior to installation. This is because the weight of the gates can actually pull the pillars over which is both expensive to repair and dangerous for any user. As such wherever possible we always recommend filling the hollow core of brick pillars with concrete to create more stability and reduce the risk of movement.

Alternatively for new build pillars we advise that some metal reinforcing bars is bent into the concrete pad foundation and the pillars are built around it. Once erected filling the centre with concrete will act as a secondary precaution against movement.

Position of Gates

Whilst it is not always possible to have the driveway gates set back a sufficient distance to allow a car to park safely off the street (whilst the user opens the gates) this is something that we would always recommend if space is not an issue. In fact in some new build properties the planning permission will make this a requirement (especially if the property fronts onto a busy road or is located on a blind corner).


Think about how the gates will operate and consider what space they will take up when in the open position. There is no point spending hard earned money only to find the gate catches on a protruding wall or garden feature as this will render them useless.

Another key consideration is whether there is enough space to open and close the gates when a car is parked on the driveway. If space is limited you may want to consider aluminium driveway gates or bi-folding gates as these open like a concertina and take up only half the space required for a standard set of double gates.

Lastly, look at the lie of the land. Does the driveway slope upwards towards the house or is the entrance on a incline across the width? If the answer is yes then you may have to have the gates swinging outwards from the property (which is not ideal if the driveway fronts onto a pavement).

To conclude, when selecting a set of metal drive gates for your home do not fall into the trap of just thinking about the design and size as this can lead to problems with installation and operation further down the line. By taking account of all the above points the process of buying and installing new gates is really simple even for the novice DIY enthusiast.

For further help and advice contact Metal Gates Direct today or take a look at the rest of our online shop for superb value driveway gates for sale at some of the most competitive prices in the UK.

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