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With Christmas just around the corner the team at Metal Gates Direct have compiled some useful security tips to help keep your home and valuables safe this holiday period.


Opportunist criminals can be in and out of your property in only a couple of minutes therefore if your home currently has an alarm installed make sure that it is set and armed every time you leave the house otherwise it is a pointless investment. This is especially important around the Christmas period as criminals are aware most households will contain many  valuable items under the tree. For properties without an alarm system installed we suggest you make getting one a priority in the new year.


When an unexpected visitor comes knocking at the door always use the peep hole to see who it is prior to opening the door. Alternatively if the door does not allow for this keep the chain on the door when opening to a stranger to prevent them from entering. Don`t forget that if someone visits your home claiming to be from some company (often the gas or utility company) make sure you get some sort of ID from them before letting them in.


Make sure that garden gates and driveway gates are kept closed at all times to deter any trespassers from straying within the bounds of your home and garden. Wherever possible add a lock as this will secure the gate shut.


Criminals like to work in the dark where they won`t be seen. It is therefore essential that any dark secluded area of the home that leads to an entrance point into the property is adequately lit using security lighting. To conserve energy light fitted to a PIR movement sensor will only trigger if movement is detected.

Vacant Property

If you are lucky enough to be going abroad for the holiday period make sure that deliveries such as milk and newspapers are cancelled for the time you are away. Whilst often overlooked a stack of post, milk bottles or papers can be a good indication the property is vacant.


If the property is vacant during the hours of darkness consider investing in some timers that will automatically turn lights on and off at set periods making it appear the home is inhabited.

Conceal Expensive Items

Wherever possible try to keep valuable items out of view of windows and glazed doors. Failure to do this will mean that anyone peering in on the off chance of committing a crime will know what items you have to offer.

Get Rid of Packaging

Once the presents have been unwrapped and the turkey eaten don’t leave packaging outside for people to view. This is especially important if expensive electrical items have been given as gifts as anyone passing by will know what`s inside.


If your garden has a shed that you store the lawnmower, bikes or garden furniture inside make sure it is well secured using a padlock. For a cost effective option choose an open shackle design or where higher value items are stored choose a closed shackle padlock as this will provide a higher level of security.


Keep car and house keys away from the front door as it is now common practice for people to slide a stick with a hook on the end through your letter box in a bid to hook them. Should they succeed they will not only have free access to your house but will also be able to take your vehicle aswell.

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