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Protecting your home, your belongings and your loved ones is paramount for homeowners, especially for those who are vulnerable or may be living in high-crime areas. Window bars are becoming an increasingly popular security feature to serve as an extra layer of protection to prevent the risk of break-ins. Recent statistics from The Crime Survey for England and Wales estimated 1.5 million neighbourhood crime incidents for the year ending September 2023, this includes theft from the person, domestic burglary and vehicle-related theft.

What is a window bar?

A window bar is a security feature, typically made of metal or steel, installed over windows to deter thieves from entering your property. It acts as a physical barrier, making it difficult for intruders to access the window from the outside and is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to enhance the level of security and protect against burglary or vandalism. Not only that, window bars can also be used as a safety measure to protect pets and young children. Installing window bars to your home will enable you to open a window for fresh air, without the worry of them accidentally falling out or accessing the outside without your protection.


What are the advantages of window bars?

First and foremost, window bars act as a deterrent and a robust, physical barrier to burglars that most would be keen to avoid. Manufactured from anti-cut steel, these bars are locked in a vertical or horizontal position, making it almost impossible for would-be intruders to get through without making themselves heard. Positioning the bars on the inside of your window, rather than the outside, adds a layer of security as burglars would first need to break the window before reaching the bars, alerting individuals in the home or surrounding neighbours that something is wrong.

Window bars can be temporarily removed should window maintenance be required. They are also handy security features to protect bars, kiosks, and cabinets. Modern window bars are far from the stereotypical image of “jail bars” and can be coated with durable powder paint finishes, ultimately enhancing the aesthetic appeal that complements the style of your home or property.


What can I use instead of window bars?

For those who prefer an alternative to bars, mesh is another popular option for internal use. SecueroGuard Mesh not only provides security but also offers an aesthetically pleasing option thanks to its vast range of decorative patterns. Approved by both the UK Police and insurance companies, it provides homeowners and residents total peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their property and their belongings.


Are window bars easy to install?

Window bars are easy to install with the right equipment and can be secured to the window frame or surrounding wall from the inside, known as “face fixing”, where the fixings cannot be seen or accessed from the outside. Alternatively, you can secure the bars to the windowsill inside the window frame, called a “reveal fixing”.


Where can I purchase window bars online?

Here at Metal Gates Direct, we are proud suppliers of Seceuro Window Bars – an industry-leading security solution specifically designed to protect window openings for domestic and commercial properties. With a wealth of experience providing security gates, railings, and fencing to property owners throughout the UK at cost-effective prices, our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the quality of our products and the service we provide to our customers.

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