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Why do Metal Gates Vary in Price?

If you are wanting to buy a new metal gate for your property and can`t understand why they vary so much in price, then the following information is designed to help you get a better understanding of the reason for this.

Specification of Steel

When shopping online for a new metal gate using pictures alone it is difficult to get a full understanding of how the different specifications of steel used to make a gate can alter not only its appearance but also influence how strong it is. Many lightweight gates are constructed from smaller gauge steel components which is considerably cheaper than that used on the heavy duty wrought iron style gates and for this reason are only suitable for low security and decorative purposes.

As an example of this, if comparing 2 equal size gates that look identical in appearance, the one constructed from lightweight materials may weigh half that of a gate constructed from heavier duty components and thus will be far more susceptible to intruder penetration.

In general terms, the more expensive the gate, the heavier duty the construction is likely to be and the better the level of security it will offer in terms of its overall strength.

Size of Opening

When making price comparisons, the size of the opening the gates will fit into is going to play a major influence on the cost. This stands to reason as the larger the gate the more material will be required during manufacture. Not only this but for wider openings, heavier duty components are required to prevent the gates sagging under their own weight.

Height of Gates Required

As with the above, the higher the gate the more material is required to manufacture. In addition to this, additional bracing is also required to prevent the gate from twisting which again increases costs.

The Paint Finish

The cheapest option for a metal gate is to order one that has a black primed undercoat. Whilst these are very affordable, they do need to be painted prior to installation which can be fiddly, messy and time consuming. In addition to this, they will need to be repainted every few years to prevent rust.

Alternatively, the more expensive option is to order a metal gate with a pre-finished zinc plated and powder coated paint. Whilst these do cost more, the installation and maintenance times are greatly reduced and the level of protection against rust is improved vastly.

The Gate Design

In general terms, the more simplistic the gate design, the cheaper the price will be. Decorative elements, finials, scrolls, and cage infill bars are all expensive items to produce and as such you should expect to pay more for gate designs that feature these elements.

Standard Size or Made to Measure

Metal gates are available to buy in many standard sizes to suit lots of common openings and are by far the most cost-effective method of securing an access point with the bounds of your property. This is because they are either made in large production runs which means costs can be reduced or on other occasions, manufacturers will have pre-made jigs set up. In comparison, made to measure gates are just that. Specifically made to your individual requirements. Increased labour time is incurred as jigs need to be set up, cutting lists produced and material cut to size. Considering this the cost is far more expensive.



We hope that the above information has given you a better understanding for the reasons why metal gates vary in price. If you are looking to make a purchase on our website, please read the product descriptions for the various gate designs we have for sale online as we do detail the size of the components used to manufacture each one. If you are unsure if a particular design will suit your requirements, please feel free to email and we will be on hand to provide support.

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