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Hampshire Arched Aluminium Driveway Gates | Vertical Board & Open Pales

Hampshire Arched Aluminium Driveway Gates | Vertical Board & Open Pales

The Hampshire Aluminium Driveway Gates have an arched top rail and open pale sections in the top blend style and functionality to produce a magnificent overall aesthetic. Suitable for most residential applications, these excellent value double gates are available to purchase in a diverse range of width and height configurations to suit your requirements. They will make a bold statement at the entrance of any driveway and are available in a hardwearing black or anthracite powder-coated paint finish.


Please be mindful that the drop-down menu's width measurements represent the combined physical size of a pair of gates. As a result, you must ensure the dimensions of the gap between your masonry or posts will be suitable before making a purchase. You will need to account for the extra room needed for the hinges, locks, and ground clearance; therefore, we advise that you look at the chart in the item's description, as it will give you the exact aperture size you need to ensure a proper fit. 

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The Hampshire Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates are an outstanding choice for any customer wanting to increase the security and privacy at the main entrance to their property. Attractive and stylish, they benefit from a fully aluminium framework and infill boards, which will require virtually no maintenance. They have an arched top rail which creates an elegant appearance, whilst the open pale section allows sunlight and wind to flow through, making them a good choice for exposed locations. Furthermore, the vertical infill boards at the bottom deliver privacy and an ageless appearance that will not date or go out of fashion. The Hampshire aluminium gates are available in two colours (black or anthracite grey) and offer a sleek, modern feel. Installation is straightforward; the gates come with 4 x wall-mounted hinges and 2 x floor-mounted hinges and installation instructions for easy DIY fitment. 

Hampshire Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates Specification

  • The arched top design is timeless and elegant, making it a great addition to any home.
  • Durable, rust-resistant, and low maintenance. 
  • Available in black or anthracite powder-coated paint finishes. 
  • Includes 4 x wall-mounted and 2 x floor-mounted hinges and installation instructions meaning they are suitable for DIY fitting. 
  • Available to buy online in a range of widths and height configurations.
  • Each pair of gates come with surface-mounted adjustable hinges that can be attached to an aluminium post or masonry wall. This provides installation flexibility and lets you choose the best mounting option for your property.



Includes the Following Accessories

4 x Surface Mounted Adjustable Wall Hinges

2 x Floor Mounted Hinges



Ordering Sizes

Choosing the correct size is essential to ensure the gates fit correctly. Buyers, therefore, need to consult the sizing matrix below when selecting the Hampshire Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates to ensure they choose the correct size for their property. The sizing matrix considers the gates' physical width and the spacing required for the hinges, providing precise measurements for the opening size needed between your walls or posts. If you have questions or encounter problems selecting the appropriate size, please complete the enquiry form for further guidance and support

What Opening Width is Required?

Please utilise the table below to establish the precise opening size you need.

Aluminium driveway gates ordering width diagram

3000mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3030mm - 3060mm. 

3250mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3280mm - 3310mm. 

3500mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3530mm - 3560mm. 

3750mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3780mm - 3810mm.

4000mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 4030mm - 4060mm. 

Whilst the Hampshire design is not available in custom sizing options, other arrangements can be made to measure if you require a non-standard width. Our Surrey, London, and Kensington double gate styles are examples of such designs.

Height Dimensions

Measuring the height of your walls or posts accurately and ensuring they are the correct size is essential to ensure that the gates fit correctly and function as intended. To accommodate the hinges' placement, the wall or post must be a minimum of 100mm (4 inches) higher than the height of the gates. This will provide enough space for the hinges to be mounted correctly and allow the gates to open and close smoothly.

If your walls or supports need to be taller to fit the hinge height, a couple of options are available.

1) You can choose a smaller gate size that fits the height of your walls or posts, thus enabling the gates to function correctly.

2) You can use optional posts to make up for any height discrepancies. These posts are available for purchase in the options and accessories menu.  


Are Optional Aluminium Posts Required?

The optional universal aluminium posts accompanying the Hampshire Arched Top Aluminium Driveway Gates are designed to offer greater flexibility and convenience, allowing you to install the gates without solid masonry structures. The posts can be either bolted down to the ground using appropriate mechanical fixings, such as anchor bolts or expansion bolts, or set into the ground and secured with concrete. Either method is acceptable and will provide a sturdy and secure fixing point for the hinges, thus ensuring that they function correctly and remain in place.

Post Specification

Profile: 3.5mm thick 

Size: 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm

Integral base plate (with fixing holes)

Available in black or anthracite grey

A post cap prevents water ingress.



Do you Need Help & Advice?

We are happy to provide guidance and advice to help alleviate any concerns or uncertainties you may have when purchasing this product. Please fill in our online enquiry form if you want to contact us with any problems.


Essential Delivery Information

Due to the additional processing needed for transporting goods to Scotland, there is a surcharge for these deliveries. Before placing an order, buyers in this area should contact us to obtain the extra costs.


Available Powdercoated Paint Colours

Aluminium driveway gates colour chart


Hampshire arched aluminium driveway gates drawing & specification

Hampshire driveway gates size options