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Surrey Aluminium Driveway Gates | Vertical Board

Surrey Aluminium Driveway Gates | Vertical Board

The Surrey Aluminium Driveway Gates are a sensible choice for any property owner looking to enhance security to the main entrance of their home. With a fully aluminium construction, these stunning double gates feature a timeless vertical boarded infill panel, ensuring protection and privacy, whilst the hardwearing powder-coated paint finish ensures they look fantastic.


Check the chart in the item's description for the precise opening size you need between your brickwork or posts. And remember, the measurements shown under our dropdown menu are the physical width and height of the gates. They do not include the additional space you need for the hinges, lock or ground clearance.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks lead time for delivery of this product.

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The Surrey Aluminium Driveway Gates have a contemporary appearance and a low-maintenance construction, perfect for withstanding daily usage. The gates feature a vertical board infill layout for a timeless appeal and suit most UK property types. Furthermore, the hardwearing black or anthracite powder-coated paint finish looks fantastic, making a bold design statement in any residential environment. Suitable for DIY installation, the Surrey double gates come with four surface-mounted wall hinges and two floor-mounted hinges and can be enhanced with a range of optional accessories, such as an integral lock and in-ground drop bolts. Embodying fantastic value for money, they are available to purchase in numerous size configurations, thus enabling you to achieve the desired level of security whilst maintaining the ideal fit for your application. 

Surrey Aluminium Double Driveway Gates Specification

  • Ideal for any property, they are easy to install and perfect for anyone looking for a minimalist aesthetic.
  • The framework and infill boards are made from sturdy, high-quality materials that combine to create a superior product.
  • Aluminium is highly durable, fast-drying and anti-corrosive so that you can enjoy your gates for years.
  • Choose between two high-quality powder-coated paint finishes: black or stylish anthracite grey.
  • Not susceptible to warping or deforming.
  • Select the size configuration that best fits your needs.
  • They include two pairs of surface-mounted wall hinges and one pair of floor-mounted hinges.
  • A range of optional accessories is available to complement the gates.
  • The versatile hinge systems can be attached to any appropriate masonry surface. Alternatively, you can purchase optional aluminium posts if no existing support structure is available.



Includes the Following Accessories

4 x Surface Mounted Adjustable Wall Hinges

2 x Floor Mounted Hinges



Ordering Sizes

As you can see below, our sizing matrix makes it easy to determine the precise opening size required between your support structure. It is important to remember that the width options displayed in the dropdown menu are the physical width of the pair of gates and do not include the spacing required for the hinges. If you are unsure what this means, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

What Opening Width is Required?

Please utilise the matrix below to establish the precise opening size you need.

Aluminium driveway gates ordering width diagram

3000mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3030mm - 3060mm. 

3250mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3280mm - 3310mm. 

3500mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3530mm - 3560mm. 

3750mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 3780mm - 3810mm.

4000mm Physical Width: Your opening must measure between 4030mm - 4060mm. 

If your existing opening does not meet the criteria detailed above, then made-to-measure gates will be required. If you would like to obtain a quote for this, please complete our enquiry form, and we will be available to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Height Dimensions

You must measure your available height before ordering. To allow for hinges, the wall or post must be a minimum of 100mm greater than the height of the gates. If you cannot achieve this, please purchase a smaller size or add extra posts to compensate.



Are Optional Aluminium Posts Required?

If your gates are not secured to a solid masonry structure, you'll need to purchase aluminium posts. These universal type posts enable them to be sunk into the ground and supported using concrete or bolted directly to your floor or any other solid surface.

Post Specification

Profile: 3.5mm thick 

Size: 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm

Integral base plate (with fixing holes)

Available in black or anthracite grey

A post cap prevents water ingress.



Do you Need Help & Advice?

We are happy to help you find the right size. Please fill in our enquiry form if you have any questions or queries or want us to quote for a made-to-measure size. 

Made to measure aluminium driveway gates are available - Fill in our enquiry form to get a quote


Available Powdercoated Paint Colours

Aluminium driveway gates colour chart


Surrey aluminium pedestrian gate drawing & Specification

Surrey driveway gates size options

Floor mounted hinges

Wall mounted hinge layout