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Metal Garden Gate & Railings in North London - Case Study

Metal Garden Gate & Railings in North London

The owner of this property in north London recently had a wall and brick pillar rebuilt to its former glory and wanted to add a little security to the front of the property by adding a garden gate across the front path and some railings to the top of the wall to deter people jumping the wall.

Working to a limited budget the property owner wanted to keep costs to a minimum however the builder had not considered gate sizes when doing the brickwork.

With this in mind, the customer was finding that many of our standard products did not fit the opening and needed further assistance. Our initial suggestion was to go for a made to measure size but the uplift in price was not affordable therefore we recommended the popular Verona metal garden gate as it features adjustable hinges that are designed to accommodate awkward and non-standard opening sizes. At less than £100.00 inc VAT the customer was more than happy with this recommendation.

With this sorted, the next requirement was for the metal railings to go on the wall. Whilst the customer did request matching railings, unfortunately due to the height of the pillars and an oversailing course of brickwork thrown into further complicate things it was not possible to offer a matching design as the decorative element features within the Verona design would not fit into such a short height of railing.

As an alternative we recommended the timeless Manor railings. These feature ball top finials and whilst not a match for the Verona gate they would complement the look of the property. For these however there was no option but to go with a made to measure length. However, considering the price of the gate the customer was more than happy to do this as the whole project still worked out less than they had originally anticipated.

Upon completion of the installation by their builder the customer sent us the below photograph to show us the results. We think you will agree the end results looks good and should provide the security the customer was looking for.

Customer Review

“After searching the internet for a product to suit my needs with no success we were starting loose hope of finding a gate and railing that was within our budget. After speaking to you guys and following your advice we have to say we are pleased with the end results. The builder said they fitted perfectly and were simple to install. Thank you to all involved with this project.”

Verona metal garden gate and Manor ball top railings

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