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Marlborough Security Gate Case Study in London

Marlborough Security Gate in London

Located in the centre of London, this property fronts onto a pavement with a lot of foot fall and as a result the owner had a need to secure the entrance to the building which incorporated several residential apartments after a spate of break ins.

The main issue was that the front door to the property is offset to the pathway meaning it is in a secluded position shielded from view by a tall hedge. It was therefore felt that stopping people gaining access to the path (direct from the pavement) would significantly improve security overall.

As such it was felt that the best option would be to add a tall gate with a lock incorporated so only residents and key holders could gain access.

In terms of the design the residents were not overly concerned about the style however as they were working to a limited budget a mid-range price option would probably work best. Furthermore, with only an old wall on one side of the opening and a hedge on the other, the gate would require metal posts to provide adequate support for the hinge and lock.

Having offered a range of options and after consideration on the customers part, it was felt the 6ft high metal side gate in the Marlborough design (with an upgraded box section framework) would be a great choice. This is because the thicker framework would allow for added strength and rigidity and would also allow for the provision of a lock whilst the tall height of the gate would prevent people climbing over.

Having established the overall space available (measurement provided by the property landlord) and that the posts would have to be set into the ground an order was placed and duly manufactured within the stated lead time.

As you can see from the photograph below provided after installation had taken place, we think this gate design was the right choice as it is not overly imposing but is still capable of meeting the brief. Furthermore, we are confident residents will now have added peace of mind the entrance to the building is far better protected as it will now deter opportunist criminals from attempting further break in`s.

Marlborough metal security gate in London

Would the front entrance to your building benefit from additional security?

Whether you live in small block of flats, a detached house or have a workplace that needs securing the addition of a simple gate should never be underestimated in terms of the protection it can offer against criminals and trespassers. If you would like to find out more information about this product, or any other design we have for sale online please feel free to get in touch today and we will be on hand to offer support.

Alternatively, you can view many other past customer projects on our dedicated case studies page.

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