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Custom Made Double Metal Gates in Norfolk - Case Study

Custom Made Double Metal Gates in Norfolk

In April 2020 we were approached by a customer looking for a pair of bespoke metal gates to restrict access between an old courtyard and an orchard.

A local builder was carrying out remedial works to an old brick wall and the customer was looking for something that would be in keeping with the style of their property whilst achieving a quality feel and appearance.  

Their main concern was that because the wall was old, the brickwork may not be strong enough to take the weight of the gates therefore wanted an option that would allow for a freestanding installation. Furthermore, as safety was also a concern, they were looking for the finials on the top of the gates to have simple ball tops to prevent anyone becoming injured if they were to fall.

Our Proposal

Once the customer has provided us with the overall size of the opening, we were able establish the size of the gates and posts required. With the opening been quite narrow it was felt that smaller 70mm posts would provide sufficient support and it was agreed that the builder would set into the ground in concrete to provide the freestanding support that the customer requested. In terms of the gate design, as they wanted a chunky appearance, we recommended a box section frame and 16mm infill bars fitted with the ball top finials as requested. To provide better protection against rusting, we also suggested a zinc plated and black powder coated paint finish.

What we think of this Project

This customer was easy to work with and had a good understanding of the scope of the project which made our task very simple. As you can see from the before and after pictures, the gates have been installed to a high standard by the builder and we think they are a perfect option for the location.

Customer Review

Dear Metal Gates Direct,

Many thanks to all involved in making the bespoke gates.  I have attached a photo of the finished project.  Will you please pass on my thanks to all involved in the manufacture, painting, and packaging of the gates?  Everything arrived in great condition and the final fit was perfect. The pier caps came from Acanthus Stone who were also extremely helpful.  I wish I had a ‘before’ picture as it was bricked up ruin. The Tulip Tree and Norfolk sky make a good photo and our builders were really impressed.

Best wishes




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