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Metal Gates Direct - How Much Do Metal Gates Cost? A Comprehensive Guide For Property Owners

How Much Do Metal Gates Cost? A Comprehensive Guide for Property Owners

This comprehensive customer guide is designed to help you understand the various factors that will dictate the price of metal gates. We aim to disperse any false impression or concerns that you may have about buying online so you can make well-informed purchasing decisions for your residential or commercial gate requirements.

The Importance of Metal Gates

Having a metal gate installed across pedestrian and vehicle access points will bring several key benefits, including improved aesthetic appeal, enhanced security, and exceptional durability. Here we look at these three main points in a little more detail.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Whether you need a single or double, metal gates will add a stylish element to any property entrance. They are available in a huge selection of designs and can be manufactured to match any architectural style, regardless of it being modern new build home, a period property, or a country cottage.
  • Enhanced Security: Built with strong components, a metal gate will provide a robust physical security barrier that will help to protect against potential intruders. Furthermore, when combined with a locking mechanism, security is enhanced even more without compromising on practicality for authorised occupants.
  • Durability: Unlike timber counterparts, metal gates will avoid issue such as rotting, swelling, twisting, or warping. Additionally, when properly protected against rust (through regular painting or having been galvanised), they can easily withstand various weather conditions and last a lifetime.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Metal Gates

The cost of our metal gates depends on factors including their size, material (aluminium, wrought iron, or steel), design features, and other bespoke requirements such as additional paint finishes, locks, posts, or automation. Below we provide you with a little more detail.

  • Gate Dimensions and Weight: Size matters when it comes to the price of a gate. In basic terms, this means the larger it is, the more material will be required and consequently this will drive up the price. In addition to this, one of the most overlooked aspects it the specification of the components used. For example, gates may appear identical in a picture, but one may have 20mm x 8mm frames and the other 40mm x 30mm frames. Consequently, the heavier duty gate may be more than double the price. For this reason, all our products shown online include the material specification to allow you to take this into consideration when making your purchasing decisions.
  • Material Type: The material type you choose will greatly influences its cost. Durable heavy-duty wrought iron and aluminium gates are premium choices, but this is reflected in the price. Conversely, metal is the most cost-effective option and represents affordability and reliability.
  • Design Complexity: When working on a budget, you should consider a simple gate design if you want the price to remain affordable. This is because complex or ornate gates will incorporate decorative elements which leads to additional manufacturing time and increased costs.
  • Finishing Options: Whether you choose a primed (undercoat) option, or a zinc plated (electro galvanised) and powder coated paint finish will influences the price. Whilst the latter will provide a longer-lasting, corrosion-resistant finish it will lead to an increase in price.
  • Automation: Although adding an automation kit to your double gates may be desirable, it will drive the price up significantly so unless you are willing to pay a premium, manual gates are the most affordable option. This is not just because of the actual cost of purchasing the motor, but because other factors will come into play such as running electrics to the entrance of the driveway professional installation to ensure safe operation and in some cases modifications to the gates will also be needed. 

Double and Single Metal Gate Examples

Different Types of Metal Gates and Their Price Ranges

When it comes to choosing a metal gate, customers have several material types to choose from, each with its own price points. Whilst prices may vary significantly, here we have provided you with a broad overview of what the price ranges you should expect to find online.

Wrought Iron Style Gates

Due to the wide variety of designs and sizes available, the cost of a wrought iron style gate can vary significantly. Typically, you should expect to find prices starting at £100 for a small garden gate through to £2,000 or more for large and highly detailed double gate designs.

Aluminium Gates

An aluminium gate(s) will provide a lightweight and low maintenance solution for your security needs. Ideal for residential and commercial properties alike, the price you should expect to pay will vary according to the size you need, the design you choose and any accessories that are required. For a pedestrian gate, prices start from around £450, rising to £1500 - £3000 for driveway gates.

Steel Gates

The prices of a steel gate will vary greatly, depending on factors such as the size of the components used, the complexity of the design and of course, the size you need. For a basic pedestrian garden prices start from around £75 and increase up to £1500 - £2000 for heavy duty double gates.

Bespoke vs. Pre-Made Designs

Whilst choosing a bespoke designs allow you to ensure a proper fit and a unique appearance, they do come at a premium price when compared to pre-made designs in standard sizes. Whilst we don’t have price examples here, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. Alternatively, learn more about our made to measure gates or browse our pre-made designs online to find a solution that fits your budget.

Please note that the above prices are only estimates and include VAT. It is also important to note that any fitting costs you may incur (unless choosing to install on a DIY basis) are not included.

Royale Ascot double metal driveway gates

Additional Features and Accessories that Impact Cost

The addition of non-standard elements will significantly impact the budget you need to allocate.

  • Locking Mechanisms: If you need to add a lock to your gate to provide additional security you can choose from a simple padlock which is available for around £10 to £50. Alternatively, if you want the gate to have an integral keylock or want advanced electronic locks the price can rise by £200 - £500.
  • Decorative Touches: When creating a bespoke gate with additional designs elements such as finials and ornamental scrollwork these additions can cost from £5 to £100 each.
  • Posts: If you entrance does not have an adequate means of supporting the gate hinges, then you will need to purchase and install posts. Prices for these items will range from around £40 for a garden gate to upward of £250 per post for large estate gates.

metal  gate options that increase the price

Installation Costs for Metal Gates

When it comes to buying new metal gates, it's important that you not only factor in the cost of the gate alone as other cost implications need to be considered.

Hiring a Professional vs. DIY Installation

Whether you choose to go down the professional installation route or are happy to install on a DIY will depend on your skill level and budget. Whilst a DIY installation can save you money it does require time and effort to complete. In comparison, if you don’t want the hassle, don’t have the skills or the time, typical professional installations may range between £200 and £1500, depending on your location and the complexity of the gate installation.

Planning Permission and Other Legal Constraints

Although planning permission is generally not required in the UK, some listed buildings and conservation areas may have restrictions in place and require permits and certain constraints. In these cases, costs of around £200 will be incurred. If you feel this may be applicable to your property, we always recommend that you check with your local planning department to ensure compliance with any regulations before making a purchase.

Tools and Materials Required for Installation

If you choose to carry out a DIY installation several tools and materials will be needed, including metal posts, concrete, hinges, and latches. You will also need a power drill, spirit level, tape measure, and a basic wrench set. Although many of these tools might already be available to you, if they are not then the cost of purchasing or renting them adds to the overall expense.

Maintenance and Potential Repair Costs

You should remember to factor in any ongoing maintaining and repairs that may be needed at a future date.

Routine Maintenance

Carrying out routine maintenance will help to extend the lifespan of your gate. We recommend occasional cleaning of the surfaces to remove dirt and grime.


If you discover signs of rust, it is essential that you repaint or refinish your gates to preserve their appearance and protect against further corrosion. Although this is relatively inexpensive, it does take time and can be a messy process.

Repair or Replacement Due to Damage

It will be inevitable that despite your best maintenance efforts, at some point in time your gates will need repairs or adjustments. Reasons for this could be down to accidental damage, wear over time, or severe weather. Whilst minor repairs, such as replacing a latch or hinge is a simple job that will only cost £20-£30, more significant issues such as fixing mechanical faults in automatic gates, can quickly escalate to hundreds of pounds.

Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Gate within Your Budget

As a homeowner, one key challenge you may encounter is finding the right balance between cost and quality. For this reason, here are some tips to follow.

Understand the Value and Benefits of a Metal Gate

Buying a new metal gate is a long-term investment and whilst the initial cost might be substantial, it will ultimately be in place for many years and serve the purpose of add security, privacy, and aesthetic value to your property.

Invest in a Gate That will Last

The lifespan you can get from a metal gate will impact its overall cost-effectiveness and over time should pay you back in terms of the peace of mind it will bring to you and your family. You should always invest in the highest quality you can comfortably afford, ensure proper installation, and make sure regular maintenance is completed. That way, you gate will get the maximum return on your initial investment.

Make an Informed Decision

By evaluating the factors we have discussed above, understanding the true value of each feature, and taking the time to fully understand the product you are purchasing, ot will enable you to make an informed decision that balances cost with quality.

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