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Metal Gates Direct - Metal Gates In A Conservation Area 

Metal Gates in a Conservation Area 

Living in a conservation area often means that you will have limitations on what changes you can make to the external elements of your property. In this guide, we aim to help you select an appropriate metal gate that will conform to the preservation requirements in place in your area to ensure you do not fall foul of the regulations.

Understanding Conservation Area Restrictions

If the property is within a conservation area, it could mean your home is covered by specific control measures (called 'Article 4 Directions'). These are in place to restrict any work you would typically be able to carry out without the need to seek planning permission and can include projects such as replacing windows, changing doors, installing or removing fencing, and fitting or removing a gate. Consequently, before you purchase a new gate, we highly recommend familiarising yourself with the local council requirements relevant to a conservation area. If you are unfamiliar with these guidelines, the focus will be the need to preserve the existing distinctive character of the area, and as fines can be imposed for non-compliance, these requirements should always be addressed.

Design Considerations

For any proposed new gate to meet the requirements of the conservation area, it must be in keeping with the existing aesthetic of the surrounding area. Here are the two paramount aspects that you will need to consider:

  • Historical Accuracy: When choosing what you feel may be an appropriate design, we recommend that you investigate what the original gate styles would have been used in your area. A great source of information are local archives and historical societies. Alternatively, look at what your neighbours currently have in place and seek a design like theirs.
  • Materials: Different areas will impose various restrictions on the use of specific materials. As a result, the use of wood, metal or aluminium may be limited. A simple search around your local area will be a key indicator of the material you will need to select.

Traditional wrought iron double gates

Before You Buy

Before committing to an expensive purchase, you should always consider:

  • Planning Permissions: Depending on the location of your property, conservation area rules can vary, so you must always get in contact with your local authority planning department to learn the restrictions in place and what you need to do to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.
  • Use a Specialist Gate Retailer: Seek the advice of a specialist gate retailer with experience working with historic properties. They should be able to help choose a gate that's in keeping with your property's architectural style.
  • Find a Trade Professional: Find a chartered architectural technologist, builder, architect or planning consultant to help with your project. Many of these professionals will be experienced in carrying out work in a conservation area and will be able to give advice as to an appropriate design.


Purchasing a metal gate for a property within a conservation area is a hassle; however, it is possible with careful planning, respect for the area's character, and proper consultation with local authorities.


Please be aware that the information we have provided i designed to give you a general overview of the regulations and statutory requirements. It should not be considered a comprehensive source of legal information. In all instances, you must carry out any necessary due diligence yourself to ensure you meet and maintain the required standards imposed in your area.

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