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Metal Gates Direct - The 5 Most Common Frequently Asked Questions When Buying A Metal Gate

The 5 Most Common Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Metal Gate

At Metal Gates Direct, we understand that choosing a new metal gate can feel like a significant purchase. To alleviate any concerns, we have created this clear and concise guide to answer the five most frequently asked questions we receive from customers.

1. What are the different types of metal gates?

Our range of metal gate types are designed to provide property owners security, privacy, and peace of mind and are available in the following styles.

Metal Garden Gates

A metal garden gate can serve multiple purposes, each contributing to your property's overall accessibility, security, and appeal. For example, they can restrict access to the front of your home, act as a welcoming sight at the entrance, and define areas of your home. Typically 3ft-4ft in height and suitable for openings up to 4-5ft in width, a metal garden gate is easy to install, comes in a choice of designs and can be installed on various surfaces such as brick walls, metal posts and any other suitable support structure.

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Metal Side Gates

A metal side gate will provide you with a secure access point for specific areas of your property, including areas such as side entrances into the back garden or alleyways. Acting as a deterrent against unauthorised access, a side gate should provide security benefits and complement the property's existing aesthetics. Typically standing at a height of 6 feet tall and fitting openings up to 4 feet wide, this type of gate is straightforward to install thanks to the use of surface-mounted hinges and will include a latch fitting that can be easily secured using a padlock.

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Metal Driveway Gates

Suitable for large entrances, driveway gates will form a large and prominent feature at the main entrance to your property. Available in various designs, such as our timeless Saxon design or the intricate Royale Monarch style. The benefits of fitting a pair of driveway gates go beyond the security benefits, as they will also enhance the visual appeal of your home. Meanwhile, the robust metal provides durability, rigidity, and practicality, ensuring the gate is a worthwhile long-term investment.

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Metal Estate Gates

Typically used to secure large entrances on sizable properties, metal estate gates are built with high-strength components to ensure excellent strength and performance. Depending on user requirements, They can be manually operated or automated for ease of use. 

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Aluminium Gates

An aluminium gate is a modern alternative to metal, wood or wrought iron, which is durable, low-maintenance, and suitable for various old and new property types. They feature a lightweight construction (without compromising strength), are easy to install and have outstanding levels of security and privacy. Furthermore, unlike traditional materials, an aluminium gate resists rust, rot, and weather-induced damage, ensuring long-lasting performance and achieving the maximum return on your investment. Co-ordinating accessories are available to complement these gates, including powder-coated paint colours, integral locks and robust matching aluminium posts. 

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2. What are the factors to consider while buying a metal gate?

When deciding on the most appropriate gate to purchase, you should consider the following elements:

  • Purpose: Establish the main reason for the installation. Are you basing your choice on security, privacy, or aesthetic reasons?
  • Design: To create a uniform appearance, we recommend that you choose a design that complements the architectural style of your property. Alternatively, select a design that ties in with the surrounding landscape or adjacent fencing.
  • Size: You will need to accurately measure the size of the opening or establish the overall space available to fit the gate. For help with this, please refer to our measuring guides.
  • Maintenance: Consider how much maintenance you want to carry out to ensure the gate remains in good working order. If you are okay with pulling out the paintbrush every couple of years, our primed gate options are an affordable solution, but if you are not DIY-minded, our prefinished powder-coated paint finishes are low maintenance but cost more.
  • Budget: You must determine a budget and find an appropriate option for your financial constraints. 

3. Are metal gates weather resistant?

Although metal is resistant to weather conditions, it will rust if the exposed surfaces are not treated with the correct paint or adequately maintained. Poor maintenance can lead to moisture ingress, and rust will diminish the durability and appeal of the gate. We, therefore recommend you carry out regular inspections and maintenance as and when required (such as regular cleaning) to ensure the longevity of metal gates.

4. How are metal gates installed?

Our metal gates are supplied with surface-mounted hinges which fix directly to a suitable support structure. Because of this, they are very easy to install on a DIY basis. However, if you lack the required skill set, you should use a professional installation company to fulfil all safety standards. You can learn more about the fitting process in our installation guide.

5. How do I Know What Size to order?

Before making an online purchase, we recommend that you review and fully understand our user-friendly measuring guide. It demonstrates the appropriate way to measure the opening for any product sold in our online store. 

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