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Metal Gates Direct - Instructions For Installing An Aluminium Pedestrian Gate On Brickwork

Instructions for Installing an Aluminium Pedestrian Gate on Brickwork

Please follow the instructions shown in the illustrations below to install your aluminium pedestrian gate direct to brickwork when using wall mounted hinges.

Check opening diagram

Mark Lower Bracket

Drill wall / brickwork

Assemble Sipgot

Fix to Wall

Place gate on lower spigot

Assemble upper spigot

Mark upper bracket

Drill holes for upper bracket

Fix hinge bracket to wall

Lock assembly

Set latch direction

Handle assembly

Mount handle

Secure handle in place

Lock keep

Set latch to centre rail

Lock plate screws

Makr lock keep

Fix lock keep

Adjust lock keep

Cut cover plate to lenght

Make final adjustments

Fit hinge caps

Installation complete