Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide


Prior to placing an order online we recommend you read through this easy to understand measuring guide as it will show you the correct way to measure the opening for any of the products for sale within our online store. Please take your time to fully understand this guide as it offers comprehensive information we feel is extremely useful for the DIY enthusiast . If you are unsure of any of the detail provided do not hesitate to contact Metal Gates Direct for further assistance.



Single Gates – Fitted to Existing Structure

The process of measuring the opening for customers wishing to order one of our metal garden gates or side gates in between an existing structure (such as a brick wall or pillars) could not be easier.

Simply measure the distance between the walls (the gap size)  and this will give you your ordering size.

When taking measurements we strongly recommend that you measure the opening in 3 places (top, middle and bottom). Should there be a deviation in size we suggest you use the smallest width for ordering purposes.

How to measure the opening


  • Distance Between Walls = 3ft
  • Ordering Width = 3ft

Don`t worry if the space you have available does not correspond exactly to the gate widths shown online as we are also able to offer a popular made to measure service on the majority of design available.


Important Points to Remember

  • Do not confuse the opening size (distance between brickwork) with the physical width of the gate (as this will be smaller to allow enough space for the hinges and latch).
  • If the product description refers to the “physical height” we have made no allowance for ground clearance.
  • The gap size is the ordering size.



Single Gates – Fitted to Metal Posts

Where there is no existing structure in place to support the gates it will be essential that you install metal posts.

When measuring for this simply work out the total space you have available then deduct the width of the posts to find the gate ordering size. When doing this please be aware that not all gates use the same size posts so if you are in any doubt, please feel free to contact us for assistance.


Gates fitted to metal posts measuring guide



  • Overall Space: 3ft 4”
  • Width of Post (each side) = 2”
  • Gate Ordering Width: 3ft



Driveway Gates & Estate Gates – Fitted to Existing Brick Pillars

If the driveway opening already has existing brick pillars then you will simply need to measure the distance between them. This will enable you to find out the ordering size of the gates.


Measuring driveway gates between existing pillars



  • Distance Between Pillars: 9ft
  • Ordering Size: 9ft



Driveway Gates & Estate Gates – Fitted to Metal Posts

In situations where you need to install metal posts to provide a suitable hanging point for the gates you will first need to establish the overall space you have available to work with. Once this has been established it is simply a case of deducting the width of the relevant post from this measurement to give you your ordering size.


Measuring driveway gates fitted to new metal posts



  • Overall Space: 10ft 6”
  • Width of Post (each side): 3”
  • Gate Ordering Width: 10ft



Important Information Relating to Metal Posts

When deciding if you require metal posts to hang any of our single and double gates, please be aware that certain designs will place a large amount of additional weight onto the structure and as a result may not be suitable for fixing to.  To avoid any potential issues if you are unsure of the suitability of your existing structure please feel free to contact us or speak to a local builder who will be able to offer advice.



Measuring the Opening Height

Unless stated otherwise on the product page, all gates, railings and fencing should be installed with a 50mm gap at the bottom to allow them to open and close without catching the floor.

Whilst most installations will not be limited in height, should there be a set height to work to please ensure this is taken into consideration when selecting the gates.



What do the Heights Refer to in the Product Description?

If you browse through some of the different designs you may notice that the are 2 different ways the height are displayed.

Physical Height – This refers to the total height of the gate, fence or railings (excluding any ground clearance). Please be aware that once fitted the heights will increase by approx 50mm (2”) to allow for ground clearance.

Height (after installation) – This refers to the height of the product once installed. Within this measurement we have already included the 50mm (2”) gap that is required at the bottom to allow for ground clearance.



Free Professional Advice

If you are unsure of how to measure the opening, please feel free to contact us and we will offer assistance.