Paint Finishes

Paint Finishes


This section of the website looks at the variety of paint finishes we are able to supply our products with. Please note that If you want a particular finish that is not shown simply contact us for advice and we will see if we are able to help.



Black Primer (Standard finish)

To prevent oxidization of the metal prior to the top coat of paint being applied (and to aid adhesion of the finished paint surface) many of our products are supplied as standard in black primer.

It is therefore important to understand this is not the final finish (as primer it is not designed to be exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.) As such we always recommend that all gates, fencing or railings are painted with a minimum of 2 coats of hardwearing exterior grade paint prior to exposure to the elements.


Please note we do not consider chip and marks to the primer as damage. Any missing areas should be simply touched up in preparation for the final coat.


Painting Guide

If you are unsure of the best method of painting the metal please read the following guidelines.

  1. Before commencing work we recommend you prepare a clean, dry dust free space in which to complete the painting.
  2. Make sure the primer is clean, dry and free from debris. If required rub lightly with fine abrasive paper to aid adhesion.
  3. Starting with the hard to reach places such as the scrollwork apply a suitable metal paint using a soft clean paintbrush. Take care not to overload the brush as excess paint will run leading to unsightly drip marks.
  4. Once these areas have been covered work in a methodical manner covering the whole surface of the item. Don`t forget the bottom and undersides of the metal as even though it may not be seem it will still need proper protection against the elements.
  5. When all the surface has been covered check fro run marks and paint out if and where required.
  6. Set the item aside and wait the required time (as stated on the paint tin) before repeating the process with a second coat.



Wet Painted

As the name suggest the process of wet painting involves the pre primed gates being dipped in a bath of top coat paint and hung up to dry. This is a cost effective way of achieving a final finish without having to apply the paint on a DIY basis prior to installation.

If ordering this finish please be aware that rust can still occur if the surface becomes damaged or is not maintained in the correct manner. As such we do not consider surface corrosion as a manufacturing fault and will not offer any replacement if a claim is made.



Zinc Plated & Powder Coated

For improved levels of protection against the elements you can specify any of our available designs with the option of a zinc plated (electro galvanised) and powder coated paint finish. Whilst this is more expensive than primer the reduced maintenance and painting times makes this finish popular with homeowners who don`t not have time or do not wish to be painting gates fencing or railings on a regular basis.

If specifying this type of finish you should be aware that over time the condition of the paint will start to deteriorate and as a result will eventually need to be protected from the elements with a fresh coat of paint.



For further information on painting, fitting and maintenance of metal gatesfence panels and railings we recommend you read the installation advice page.